About us

Hot Rod Distiller International:

Mankind was engaged in the production of alcohol at all times and on all continents.

The times of the dry law are the years of contraband, arrests and flourishing of all kinds of underground artels for the production of moonshine – perhaps the most legendary in the history of the United States. In this period, the main protagonists were alcohol producers, the main suppliers of alcoholic beverages, and often risked their freedom and life.

The stunted failure of the “dry law” has quite proven that the total prohibition of the production and sale of alcohol only contributed to the flowering of speculation by alcohol, which reached gigantic proportions. Fortunately, now such laws are no longer practiced, and production for own needs combined with high-quality equipment – the opportunity to join the long history, production technology, culture of consumption and traditions of the best producers of strong alcoholic beverages.

Constantly rising prices for high-quality alcohol, as well as low quality of commercial alcohol, once pushed us to master the technological processes of alcohol production at home.

Experience in designing and metal working allowed us to solve the problem of a shortage of quality equipment in the distillation market, and a deeply scientific approach allowed us to achieve excellent results in its exploitation.

We specialize in the supply of high quality distillation equipment for both home and craft production of spirits at a fair price. And more importantly, our customers are innovators and catalysts, pushing us to create more upscale, safe and accurate equipment.

We are united by the passion for the process of distillation and the creation of high quality craft spirits. That’s why we carefully listen and document our customers’ responses in order to further meet their requests.

We present distillation systems with a capacity of 20 to 1000 liters, using only high quality materials such as food-grade copper, stainless steel AISI 304, quartz glass and food thermostable silicone when manufacturing.

Our mission is to spread the culture of production and use of quality alcoholic products, by providing high-quality equipment and technology to a wide audience.