Aromacolumn 3″

285.00 $

3-level bubble plate aromacolumn 3″.


Our most popular glass column, called 3 inch Aromacolumn with 4 sections (also known as plates), provides a 360˚ view over the process and is a guaranteed spectacle for your production.

The bubble plates and bubble caps are made of copper and provide more than enough copper surface to neutralize harmful substances.

To build a column with a larger number of plates, you can purchase additional plates, glasses and caps, which we will offer you as a separate accessory.

Due to the modularity of the system, you are faced with innumerable variations of the installation of the column.

The column can be mounted directly on the still, but usually an additional section or transition is used between them, depending on the still used and the desired overall height of the structure, which in particular has the advantage in case of foaming of the contents of the still.

Regarding the glass cylinders of our Aromacolumn:

Keep in mind that although quartz glass is very strong, it can have unevenness and dustiness of the air in the glass, as well as irregularities of cutting edges due to processing complexity. This is not a product defect, but a feature related to production. Handle quartz glass products with extreme caution, do not clamp them too tightly and do not put them on hard surfaces! All glasses are carefully checked by us before delivery and are rejected in case of deviations. We will not be able to receive further complaints.

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Weight 5 kg